Author Coaching 1:1 Session


During a 90-minute period, we will be prepared to review your project, and provide as much guidance as possible with enhancing your platform (brand), product (book) and PR (buzz). This is a highly customized review of your situation, resulting in specific action steps. $495 per session.

BOOK ICON: Mastermind Experience


Build your brand, book and buzz in time for the holidays! During this 12-week experience delivered online via google docs, phone and online video calls, we will prepare our manuscripts in time for the self-publishing process and related promotional activities that can land around the best time of the year to be selling gifts / books. Work with David, gain insight from other participants, and learn this process so you can repeat it anytime you like. Applications being taken at $5,000 per author. Includes weekly calls, two with David and two with the group per month, also includes manuscript reviews, and more. It's David's premium package condensed into 12-weeks. The result is a professionally prepared manuscript ready for the self-publishing phase.

Buzzworthy Books


Some authors come to me after the manuscript has been completed, and now want to reach the world with their message and sell books. Through my public relations experience, contacts and ability to capture attention, we can amplify your message to millions. Minimum of $2500 per month for three months. Mastermind graduates receive $1500 per month as the minimum.


Professional ghostwriter reveals mystery behind how to write and publish a book.

For purely concentrating on the manuscript, we will work with you on all the elements necessary to prepare your book for publishing, including information gathering, research, interviews, transcribing, writing, editing and working with you on your timeline. Typically, we like to plan for a 3-6 month process. For example, we can plan for one interview per week, then I prepare one chapter per week based on the interview. The process can go very fast if time is available. My estimated range is .50 per word for a 60,000-word book. So plan on budgeting around $30,000 for the book writing process, broken into monthly payments. Both the ghostwriter and author reserve the right to pause or terminate the project at anytime. 

Premium, Full-Service Package (12-month)

Ghostwriting that supports the author's brand, book and buzz.

This is really the best way to work with me. We plan to launch in 12 months with a powerful book, brand and plenty of buzz. This premium service is available to 2 people per year, and covers my time working on your project from start to finish. I become your new biggest fan, and create material that leverages your experience with my expertise. This retainer begins at $3500 per month.

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