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Since 2011, I've helped write or launch 1-2 books per year, 3 of which have reached New York Times best-selling lists. Beyond ghostwriting, I bring more than 25 years in creating awareness for clients via the media. Along the way, I've mentored hundreds of writers, and now have a professional book coaching service that brings it all together for you.

Why Us?

Content is king. But without a coach, your content may never hit the target. Having a professional ghostwriter and media expert brings out the best in you.  My speciality is mimicking the author's style, voice and pace in the written word. I synthesize content that resonates with audiences. I've worked with some of the best communicators, most influential people and largest publishers in the world. But what really matters is you. That's why I've opened this service, because I want to spread good news that helps people reform their health. Instead of being restricted to only a few projects per year, through the BOOK ICON: Mastermind Experience, I want to help more authors influence our future generations.

Apply here. Or you may email, requesting the application or other services. A FREE 15-minute phone consultation is also available upon email request.

For authors with nearly finished manuscripts, please include a file or link to review a sample of the material, along with your application. Thank you, David

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